This is the grand finale!

Throughout the course, there were several key learning moments for me. Early in the course I read in Bates text, that ‘learning is a dynamic process,’ which spoke to my personal constructivist ideas of learning. It fit with the idea that we are ‘lifelong learners.’ This is a bit of a catchphrase for teachers, but I actually believe that, or we wouldn’t be here participating in graduate degree classes, right?!

Paradigm Shifts in Education

Each week of classes, a new topic was presented. And each week, I felt like my thinking was shifted a bit. I like that commercial (pretty sure it is a car commercial which is irrelevant), where the person on stage says, “Are we ready for a paradigm shift?” and I felt like this at times in my learning. Each week I felt some new perspective entering my paradigm on learning and in blended learning.

The Bates text highlighted several items of learning for me, around pedagogy, providing rich learning environments, catering to the needs of students, and having an arsenal of tools available to you as a teacher. That arsenal of tools was certainly discussed throughout the course, as we discussed many new tools, and I learned from my peers as well. I will be implementing Canva, H5P, AI like ChatGPT, among many other websites that I learned about into my courses in the future. Our students can only benefit from us trying to make the course work better for them.

My course prototype was a little daunting at the start, but really helped me to look at just how I work on developing a course from scratch. It allowed me to take a closer look at the ADDIE model, and really consider where and how technology can be best implemented to benefit both myself and my students. It had me considering inclusivity in the classroom, which tools work the best, how to provide the most appropriate and beneficial structure, and considering feedback that was provided to me, as well as how to best provide it for students.

Overall, there was a shift in my thinking on blended and online learning thanks to this course. I outline this in greater detail in the video below. Appreciate any feedback. Take care everyone.

Summary of Learning Video: