Technology in Teaching and Learning

Hello! I’m Nenita, the EAL (English as an Additional Language) I started teaching EAL in 2010 at Regina Catholic School Division in elementary and high schools, but since the 2013 – 2014 school year to the present, I am at Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School.

I used technology in the classroom to improve student outcomes as students appreciate the use of it as a tool such as in searching, creating timelines, concept maps, videos, e-mail, and games like for example Kahoot, etc. Also, it provides students to interact with their peers in online projects and makes learning fun through online games and the use of resources as well. As a result,  students learn to be independent learners and become  resourceful in improving their English Language Skills in terms of BICS (Basic interpersonal and Communication Skills)  as well as the CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency)

During the pandemic COVID I used hybrid model.  Some students received instruction directly in the class while others remotely. I used MSTEAMS and it worked well for both students and teachers.  All students can participate actively not worrying about missing assignments as it’s also posted and they can do it online. It is also easy for me as teacher to mark their activities. What made it fun was the games we played on-line like Kahoot and the collaboration that’s made possible due to technology, but sometimes technical difficulties happened and how to use some features in the device like sharing screen during presentation or no sounds.

All in all, the use of technology in the classroom during  hands-on activities and in blended (hybrid) learning provide benefits to students and teachers in making learning fun and continuing learning during  the unexpected circumstances like COVID. Also it prepares student to be independent learners and be aware of the global changes in terms of of the use of technology globally.




2 thoughts on “Technology in Teaching and Learning

  1. I have recently been working with EAL students for the first time. We have had problems finding resources for our new students and with very limited LRT time and EA time, much of the extra workload is passed down to classroom teachers. I cannot imagine trying to do your job during the pandemic. My hat is off to you.

  2. I must say by speeding up the learning process, lowering the cost of providing instructional materials or programs, and better-utilizing instructor time, online learning opportunities, the usage of open educational resources, and other technology can boost educational productivity. All digital tools and media used for teaching and learning are considered to be a part of learning technology. Learning technology for academics should advance their aims for instruction and learning. Any educational technology should encourage students to take on more responsibility for their learning, extend their individual and group projects, and give them the tools to engage in higher-order learning so they can see how knowledge is used outside of the classroom.

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