AI and teaching

Pedagogy is the art of teaching. It is very different than curriculum which is dependent on where on this planet you and your students happen to be. For example, I don’t think I would teach a lesson on the life cycle of trees to students in Tuktoyaktuk. I would teach that to students in Whitehorse. Yet my pedagogy, or teaching methodology, would be the same for both groups of students.

Educators need to critically reflect on how to use ChatGPT and other forms of AI in their classroom. It is here and if your students aren’t using it yet they will be soon. There is understandably some fear around using this technology. New things are scary. For example, people were scared of the changes the printing press brought to society when it was first invented.

AI can be a very effective teaching and learning tool if used with that end in mind. Take a look at this article as it lists five pedagogical approaches. I can see ways of teaching students how to use AI as a learning tool that fits into each approach. The article also discusses how pedagogy is influenced by the beliefs and culture of the educator. Perhaps concerns with AI lies not in the technology but rather how the educator feels about it.  


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