Course Walkthrough: Part 1 and 2

I chose to complete the Course prototype walkthrough in two parts. I felt that the course I chose as a prototype (Early Learning 130:Guiding Young Children) was not a good fit for the assignment. Moodle is the LMS platform, and I have no other option. Google Classroom, Canvas, and Teams are a better fit. There also didn’t seem to be much opportunity to include many online tools discussed in class or on Discord. After yesterday’s class, I was quite concerned about this when I could see other course profiles. The people in my breakout group were very supportive and shared what they thought were the strengths of my course walkthrough. Thanks guys!

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The course profile was still missing something and could have been done in a better way. I took my dog for a walk as the rain ended by the time class was done. (I have my best thoughts about walking the dog.) I decided to complete the walkthrough in two parts. The first part is a brief highlight of some online tools that I have successfully used. I also created a few Lumi videos, which I will use when teaching the course this Fall.

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The second part of the Course Walkthrough is an example of a video I will share when a student is absent from class. This is where I will be able to apply what was learned in class. In my courses, asynchronous learning happens when students are absent from class. In the past, I recorded the Zoom meeting and share the link with the student. I never liked this as it is a very passive way to learn. The intent of part 2 of the Course Walkthrough is to show how missed information can be shared in an active way.

For better or worse, here is my new and hopefully improved Course Walkthrough.

Click here for link to part 1 of the Course Walkthrough

Click here for link for part 2 of the Course Walkthrough


One thought on “Course Walkthrough: Part 1 and 2

  1. I love how you included both course walkthroughs to show your “new and improve” course, this is awesome! It was very well done and you have provided a great community of learning that is accessible and equitable. I am very impressed with your results within Moodle, even though this was not a desired LMS. Well done and best of luck in your future classes and/or teachings!

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