Technology and Me

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Technology plays a significant role in education. Instructors have access to crucial data that they can share with their pupils. Online resources are available to students for any type of information they need, including solutions to their study problems. Students can read any book, learn any subject, and find the right resources and study methods with the aid of e-learning. Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible for teachers to teach from their homes, and students from all over the world can participate from their homes in the growing phenomenon of online classes.

Learning may have been easier, affordable, less stressful, and fun if technology had existed for a long time (just saying). Technology has made learning accessible to many people and it has made it fun and exciting to use tablets, and laptops to watch videos instead of just textbooks. Lest I forget, technology has not only changed education or way of learning, but our daily lives are also completely shaped by technology, which has a variety of effects on our interactions and daily routines. In this blog, I will be writing a few ways I use technology daily.

When I was taking my undergraduate program, there was nothing like online classes or accessibility to laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. All my classes were physical attendance, and it was stressful for me because I had to travel on buses and leave home early to attend these classes. I remember a lot of people cannot take these classes because of lack of funds, or because they must work.

I am lucky to be taking a program now and privileged to take online classes so that I can work and still take classes after work. For my classes, I had to use Google Docs for group work, yahoo and Microsoft email for communications, Microsoft applications like Word doc and PowerPoint are used for my assignments, and Zoom is used for class meetings. At work, I use teams for training, different reading, and game apps with children. For my personal life, I use social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) to stay connected with family and friends. As a student, I must check my UR courses several times a day. I personally love the dashboard on UR courses because it has a calendar and timeline. The timeline helps me to see which assignment is due and when it is due.

Technology has been extremely useful for me; I have been able to get all my classes done without having to travel out of town for classes and I have been able to connect with class members for group assignments using technology. Lest I forget, there are some few disadvantages of daily using technology that I have noticed. I sit for too long on my laptop some days getting my assignments done and I forget everything else, It’s not healthy to sit for so long taking classes and also doing assignments without breaks, it gives me neck pain, causes dehydration and sometimes blurring  I bought a smartwatch that reminds me I have to get up and move. Buying a smartwatch is a big investment but it has been helpful.

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