Practicing the Waterfall Braid: A Week of Growth and Discovery

Practicing the Waterfall Braid: A Week of Growth and Discovery

This week’s braiding project was inspired by a captivating video I stumbled upon on Tiktok- Water fall braiding . The platform, known for its short, engaging clips and Waterfall braids, is a treasure trove of tutorials and creative ideas. One evening, while scrolling through my feed, I came across a video of someone effortlessly creating a beautiful waterfall braid Beautiful water fall braids. The way their fingers moved with precision and grace was mesmerizing. Inspired by this, I decided to embark on my own journey to master the waterfall braid, seeing it as an opportunity to blend my love for learning with a bit of personal flair. This week, I dedicated myself to mastering the art of the waterfall braid. As someone who loves learning new skills, I found this particular style both intriguing and challenging. My journey into waterfall braiding turned out to be a perfect parallel to the broader themes of continuous learning and personal growth that I have been exploring in my blog.

Day 1: The First Attempt

I began my week with excitement and a bit of apprehension. Watching a few tutorial videos online, I gathered my supplies and sat with my mom, ready to begin. I started with brushing the hair and parting it on the side of the head.


My first attempt was far from perfect. The strands slipped from my fingers, and the braid looked nothing like the elegant waterfall I had envisioned. However, I reminded myself that the first step in any learning process is accepting that mistakes are part of the journey.

Day 2-3: Persistence Pays Off

Determined to improve, I spent the next couple of days practicing whenever I had a spare moment. With each attempt, my hands grew more accustomed to the movements required to create the cascading effect of the waterfall braid. I also sought advice from online communities and friends who had mastered the technique. Their tips and encouragement were invaluable, reinforcing the importance of community support in any learning endeavor.

Day 4: Breakthrough

By mid-week, I experienced a breakthrough. My fingers started to move more fluidly, and the braid began to take shape. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a significant improvement from my initial attempts. This moment of progress was incredibly satisfying and reminded me of the small victories we celebrate in the classroom when students grasp new concepts or skills.

Day 5-6: Refining the Technique

With the basic technique down, I focused on refining my braid. I experimented with different hair textures and lengths, discovering how these variables affected the final look. I also tried incorporating decorative elements like ribbons and small flowers, adding a personal touch to my braids. This experimentation not only improved my skills but also sparked my creativity.

Day 7: Reflecting on the Journey

As the week drew to a close, I reflected on my journey. The process of learning to create a waterfall braid mirrored many aspects of integrating technology in the classroom: the initial struggle, the importance of persistence, the value of community support, and the joy of seeing progress. Each new braid I attempted represented a step forward, not just in skill but in my understanding of the learning process itself.

Looking Ahead

My week of practicing the waterfall braid has been a rewarding experience. It has taught me patience, perseverance, and the importance of continuous learning. As I continue to explore more intricate braiding techniques, I am excited about the challenges and opportunities for growth that lie ahead. Next week I will be working on box braids which are really tight braids that are against the sculp.

4 thoughts on “Practicing the Waterfall Braid: A Week of Growth and Discovery

  1. I love that you’re practicing different hair techniques. I sometimes give up on a new style or braid because I’m impatient. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Nikol! I love that you are doing different braiding techniques. I am also doing different braiding techniques except I am trying them on my own hair. I have never heard of this type of braid before and I definitely want to try it now! I think your braid turned out awesome and loved how you split it up over different days and added new elements and techniques to the braid. I can’t wait to see what else you do over the semester!

  3. Hi Nikol! I enjoy reading your learning project post to see how far you’ve come. It is amazing how a TikTok video spared such creativity. Your dedication shines through the blog posts. Sharing this experience with your mom adds a special touch. Embracing mistakes and seeking guidance shoes a growth mindset. Excited to see how you refine your skills and explore new techniques like box braids!

  4. Hey Nikol, this was so cool with the pictures to follow along! I love how you are looking ahead to what is next and thinking about how it is going throughout this process. I always find braids so interesting as they can change the appearance of your hair so drastically! Keep up the fantastic work.

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