Quest 3 – Navigating the World (Through Technology)

Our world has changed so much even since I was in school. The technology that is apparent in our classrooms now, such as casting from your phone and enabling touch screen on the whiteboards has baffled me, containers full of iPads for the students to use, apps for the whole class to learn together at once (such as Raz-Kids). These are just the options for right now, what will come in the future? What will schools change in the future when we become teachers? How will we use all of this technology to the best of our advantage to help and teach the young? All questions to ponder and quickly because times evolve very rapidly. I think that the possibility of having smart schools or even smart classrooms will become a very near realization to us, new teachers, having to advance with the times as everyone has. I do think though that things might not change, or won’t change as much as we’re thinking because, in reality, school is a way to get away from the screen (not in our pandemic currently), it’s a way for students to get together and work in person with others in their class towards a shared learning goal with the HELP of technology. I don’t think that inviting too much technology would be a good way to go about education as I have noticed a struggle with keeping up on zoom and during the whole pandemic, school got a lot harder for everyone.
Emily Steinberger | Photo Editor

Whether or not we can change that by planning for that sort of thing is a different story as we were not fully prepared to go online.

Digital Identity will be able to go very far in the future, we’ve already seen this before in articles recently where doctors/nurses/pharmacists were losing jobs because they are bragging that they were going to forge their COVID-19 Immunization cards. People lose their jobs over things they put online now and that’s scary to think about. However, if we educate kids to be mindful online and apply things such as the THINK before you post concepts and help the students at an early age with their digital identity, I think we’ll be okay.

What do you guys think? Let me know!

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