NearPod – A New Way to Teach??

NearPod – A New Way to Teach??

I decided to check out NearPod this week. I actually found it super easy to use, and it has so many tutorials built into the site. NearPod can create interactive presentations where the teacher is able to see the answers that students are giving in real time – including the data of what is/was understood, essentially providing instant diagnostic assessment opportunities. It can take the typical slideshow and elevate it in ways that would never be possible without technology integration. Best of all its Free!

To start you have to follow the link I put in at the beginning, then create an account. You will notice that there is a cluster of blue rectangles with various tutorials for the tools offered on the site. If you click on the “Play with a demo” button you will be taken to a real time example of the interactive presentation

You will notice the various interactive sections that can be integrated into the presentation.

The lefthand-side is what the teacher sees, it is all of the information from the question – how many students got the correct answer and when students are answering. The visual graph is a good way to gauge overall understanding of students.

The matching activity could be used for many courses and on the left the teacher is able to see how many the students gets right the first time, and could be used to see what common mix ups students are making, can help to know what needs to be addressed in greater detail.

The open ended questions could be used to spark conversation and also know what students have been exposed to previously, this could be used for courses where students want to ask questions that they don’t want to say aloud – health class, or exam prep.

3 thoughts on “NearPod – A New Way to Teach??

  1. Hello Sarah,
    I have never heard of NearPod before but I am definitely going to check it out! After reading your blog post I believe that this would be a great tool for teachers to use within their classrooms. It would keep the students engaged and is a great way for teachers to assess students learning. Thanks for sharing a little bit about NearPod – I think it looks like a great resource to use!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Thank you for sharing this! NearPod seems like a powerful tool for enhancing classroom engagement and providing valuable real-time assessment insights. Plus, the fact that it’s user-friendly and free makes it even more appealing. I’m glad you had a positive experience exploring it!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for introducing me to Nearpod. It looks like something that would be particularly useful in my middle-year internship in the Fall. I love the idea of incorporating open-ended questions to spark rich discussions with the class, and the instant feedback is a bonus.

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