Matt’s Summary of Learning

If you have a chance please take 5 minutes to watch my summary of learning.  Thank you for all of your insightful discussions throughout the course.

3 thoughts on “Matt’s Summary of Learning

  1. Great job, as always, Matt! Where can we buy these magazines in print? Your headlines and overview do an excellent job highlighting all the amazing learning I have taken from this course…including things I forgot along the way. All the best!

  2. Matt, what a fantastic video! You did a great job of summarizing all of the major topics throughout the course. Watching your video really helped me recall and reflect on the learnings from this semester! We went through a lot and this was a great overview. I also really appreciate how you focused on the class discussion points, which I agree were a rich part of the class!

  3. Fantastic summary, Matt. I especially like the part where you state that you have no desire to be an educator who attempts to catch learners in the use of AI but rather to be the one to promote its safe and responsible use. I too aim to be that type of educator who hopes for and attempts to see the best in my learners and strives to offer extensive information on all forms of media and its safe use.

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