Matt’s Major Project – The Ethical Considerations of AI

It’s finally done.  Below you will find my major project in which I explore the ethical dimensions of AI use.  I would like to thank everyone in the course for providing such rich discussion on this topic, and our instructor Alec for facilitating it all.  If you would like to see how this project came together you can visit a portion of my blog dedicated to it by clicking here.

One thought on “Matt’s Major Project – The Ethical Considerations of AI

  1. HI, Matt – once again your work leaves so much to unpack…where to begin? Regarding regulation policies, I agree that we are sorely lacking AI experts at this time. As you note, more people will need to be trained and teachers are not experts in this field. Many of my colleagues were unaware of AI or Chat when I was talking about our class (and these people are younger than me!). I worry that “AI expert” will become yet another hat teachers must wear, along with so many others. Where does it end? Your commentary on AI as something we use but do not fully understand also struck a cord, as I often become too enamoured with the bells and whistles of new tech. To think of something like my blog post being fed into AI to “sound” like me at a Nazi rally is a sobering thought. Lastly, your question regarding the creativity of AI and who gets the credit – I think it all comes back to our previous conversation about process. The original creative process must begin and end with the creator. Something that will add a whole new dimension to teaching in the next decade – I wonder where it will all end up. I believe this is one of your last classes, so I will say an early congrats if I don’t catch you around in another online class. Your projects and discussions always require me to push my thinking just a little bit further. Best wishes!

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