Teaching Experiences

Sharjah International School of Dubai

Shortly after I received my BED from the University of Regina in 2013 I moved to Dubai, UAE where I taught for 3 years. This was a big leap for my first year of teaching. Being a native English speaker from Canada with a Western education I was held to a high standard and it was expected that I would know what I was doing. However, I definitely did not. Throughout my time in Dubai, I taught grade 4 science, grade 5 science and in my final year, I taught grade 6 math. This put me in the unique situation of teaching the same 120 students for 3 years in a row.

Interamericano De Guatemala

After my time in Dubai came to an end, I moved to Guatemala City, Guatemala in 2016 where I taught for 4 years. I fell in love with Guatemala and all it had to offer, I will always call it my second home. I started to lose my love for teaching after my time in Dubai, but after my second year in Guatemala and an amazing administrator, I found my footing again. Throughout my time in Guatemala, I taught grade 6 math for 4 years, again, to over 120 students.

Venture Heights Elementary School

Back in Canada again I started substitute teaching between PSSD, Sask Rivers, and Saskatoon Public School Division. By October 2020 I got my first temporary contract at VHS and started teaching grade 5. This was a lot different than what I was used to. Instead of teaching one subject to 120 students, I was now teaching all subjects to 25 students. The following year I was switched to grade 7, then transferred out to Spirit E-learning (below). Last year I returned to VHS and taught a grade 5/6 split. This year I got a permanent contract as a grade 6/7 split teacher.

Spirit E-Learning (discontinued)

During my time at VHS I got transferred out to Spirit E-learning where I taught grades 1, 2, and 3. This was a huge adjustment at first. I had experience teaching a split class from my internship but now I was up against a cluster of 3 grades, in an area that was not my comfort zone all while being online. I had 2 weeks to prepare for 3 grades and in addition, was asked to also take on their At Home Learning program.