Tech Resources

Two tech resources that I mentioned in my latest blog post are listed below. Click on the hyperlink for a YouTube tutorial on what each has to offer.

Plickers – I use this as a warm-up activity for math. This helps me cycle back to previous topics or allows me to nonchalantly incorporate new content. I usually choose two low-level questions to engage all of my learners, followed by two mid-level and one higher-level question. Students get instant feedback within a whole class environment without the risk of embarrassment for a wrong answer as only the student and teacher know what they have answered. The results help me with the next steps of planning or revisiting.

Gimkit – I have used this tool in a variety of different ways. Usually, I will use it as a review option before a quiz or test. Sometimes I use it as a reward and for fun! My students love using Gimkit because it is a more interactive way of learning, and similar to a video game. Unlike Kahoot, students work through questions at their own pace and it allows the teacher to be free from the computer and check in with students individually.