Picture This!

Picture This!

Say cheese!

For my EDTC300 learning project, I will learn about photography using a DSLR camera. My experience with photography is my iPhone and using the silly filters on Snapchat, so I am very excited to embark on a photography journey. While smartphone cameras are improving with each new model, there is something more artsy and sophisticated about using a DSLR camera (in my opinion).

I would like to introduce you to my new camera…

…but I can’t remember its full name or really anything else about it. I am brand new to having a camera with this many buttons, so this learning project will be about getting to know my camera and all its features, as well as finding resources online to guide me in using it.

In learning this skill, I hope to do a few things in the future:

  • Take better travel photographs. So many of my travel pictures are grainy or don’t look aesthetically pleasing, and I want to ensure that for my next trip, I will have some incredible photos to display on my walls.
  • Family photos. Getting a photographer to take family photos can be very pricey, so learning this skill could save me some $$ in the future.
  • Teach future students a new skill. I want to learn this skill to pass it on to my future students. I think it is essential for students to know about all different things, especially the arts.

To accomplish these things, I need to first learn about my camera’s features and how to use it properly. Then, I want to learn how to make my photographs aesthetically pleasing and also learn how to edit my photos. I want to find online resources and apps other than YouTube to understand all I can about photography.

Follow along on my journey.

5 thoughts on “Picture This!

  1. Hi Ashley, I think photography is a great skill to learn! I’ve always wanted to get a camera and learn how to use it, but I never find myself with the time to do so. I’m excited to follow your journey because photography is so unique and there’s so many different styles. I hope your journey to learn photography go well and I’m excited to learn any tips you share along the way.

  2. Hi Ashley, learning more about photography sounds like such a great idea! I took a photography class in high school and honestly didn’t realize there was such a complexity to the skill until we learned more about camera settings and what not. It really is truly amazing what professional photographers can do! Good luck in your journey!

  3. Hi Ashley,
    It’s amazing how you chose photography as your new learning. I love taking pictures but just like you, I only know how to take pictures with my phone via Snapchat and using filters. My partner got me a camera some years back and I never got the chance to learn how to use it. I’m happy to follow you on this journey and I wish you all the best in your new learning.

  4. HI Ashley!
    Photography is very close to my heart. It would be quite intriguing to read about your blog as it might help me improve and work on my photography skills. Photography fascinates me alot but I don’t have a lot of understanding about various photography skills. I agree with you that smartphones are improving with each new model but it can’t replace a DSLR or any professionally used digital camera. I noticed that photography is a great way to store your memories and remind you of the euphoria you had at the moment. It’s a talent that can glorify real/hidden beauty. I really look forward to following your blog and would love to be learning from your learning project!

  5. Photography is something I have always found very intriguing and am slightly jealous that I didn’t think to do this!. I really love you desire to incorporate the skills you have learned in your future classrooms and teaching it to students as well. Photography could provide another way for students to demonstrate their learning in some many areas. Best of luck on your journey!

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