Well, hello there…

Well, hello there…

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Ashley Cox, and I am in my third year of the middle-years education program at the University of Regina. I have a background in business, but working with children and youth over the last few years has lit a fire in my soul, so I’m pursuing a career in teaching. I love learning and can’t wait to instill a passion for learning in my future students. Over the years, I have taken all sorts of courses, including (but very much not limited to) accounting, history, psychology, drama, and human sexuality. I even spent two weeks in London, England, completing a macroeconomics course! I’m also no stranger to educational technology, as I took an Edtech class in 2017. Technology has changed drastically in the last seven years, so I’m looking forward to revisiting this topic and learning new things about it.

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Don’t think I wouldn’t circle back to travelling to London, England to take a macroeconomics course! Travelling has been a massive part of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunities to see different parts of the world. The first time I left Canada, I went to dig water wells in memory of my late aunt in Mexico. Since that trip, I have had a keen interest in seeing more of the world and experiencing all that I can. From that first trip outside of Canada, I learned that life is short, there is so much to see and the importance of helping others. Aside from Mexico and London, I have also ventured to Australia, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Thailand and South Korea. I’ve been dreaming of my next trip for a while now and can’t decide between a backpacking trip through Europe or an adventure through New Zealand.

Besides school and travelling, I dabble in all sorts of hobbies here and there. Last year, I spent my limited free time reading and finished 23 books. I also enjoy learning how to use power tools to complete DIY projects. I’ve been helping my parents finish their basement, where I’ve learned to frame, drywall, mud, and install flooring. Last semester, I taught myself how to paint with watercolours, and this year (and for the learning project in EDTC300), I’m going to introduce myself to photography. I have wanted to learn how to do photography for many years now, and I’m hoping that through learning this skill this semester, I will be ready to take great photos when I travel next. Sayonara to grainy, unfocused photos and hello to gallery-worthy photographs…okay… maybe I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself! Follow along on my journey while I learn photography for my EDTC300 Learning Project.

Another thing you should know about me is that I love to cook! I enjoy finding recipes online and trying them, but I often find myself scrolling endlessly through a food blog just to reach the recipe at the end. Just give me the recipe already! This made me a little reluctant when I found out we had to write blog posts throughout the semester, but I promise if I ever write a food blog, I will put the recipe at the start!

Side note: How do you end a blog?! I will have to do some research and maybe try out a few different things over the next few weeks. For now, I’ll use…

See ya later, alligator! (and you say – “In a while, crocodile.”)


2 thoughts on “Well, hello there…

  1. Hello Ashley!

    I really enjoyed learning about you! I commend you on your economics learning, I tried to take on some Economics courses in my initial undergrad course and oh my I found it so difficult! So you could say I am very impressed! And photography? Amazing skill! I am looking forward to seeing all the photos your take over the course of the semester!

  2. Hey Ashely!
    It was great to get to know you a little bit via your blog post! I have never taken an economics class before nor know anything about it, but I find it very cool that you traveled to London England to complete a course. I also find it very interesting the number of places you’ve traveled, and your future travel plans make me jealous haha!
    You are a very talented individual being able to say photography is one of your skills!
    Overall, I enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you a little bit! I am excited to read more throughout the semester.

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