I Sounded Smarter in my Head

For me, this is what debating feels like! I have great arguments in my brain, but when I open my mouth, my mind empties and nothing comes out how it should! @melissateligades #haveyoueverhadadream #thinkingabout #eminem #quadriplegic #humor #funny ♬ original sound – Marcial This debate was a hard one for me to argue the disagreeing […]

Summary of Learning

It’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of this course! I have learned a lot in this course and really enjoyed digging into some new technology and reflecting upon how I can implement it in my blended learning classroom. To summarize my learning, I took a risk and tried out Animaker to make […]

Online Learning Community

There are a variety of interaction forms included in my course prototype. In the physical classroom, students have the opportunity to problem solve together during their math thinking problems and during the different workstations. Students working virtually have the opportunity to provide and reflect upon peer feedback in their Flip video math journals. After reviewing […]

Is A Star Fish Equivalent to a Sea Star?

Here it is! The first course module for my grade 5 math course prototype. This is an introductory module focused on creating equivalent fractions. The lesson for this module is on creating equivalent fractions. There is a mini lesson for students to view, followed by an assignment to complete from their math textbooks. Following the assignment, […]