Just in Time for Cold Weather

This week has been a good week for me in my learning project! I started to make my son’s new toque and it is going so great! I will was a little intimidated at first, as I saw it as a daunting task. However, I really haven’t run into any issues in making this. Which is quite shocking if you have followed along with my journey of learning how to crochet.

Red Crochet stitch line

Half of the red toque

This is the same colour and toque I am making however I got really bad lighting in this photo. My son really liked this colour as I let him pick it himself. He really likes reds, blues and oranges. I thought it was best to let him pick it, hoping he would be more inclined to wear it. However, he is two, and two year olds do not do anything unless they want too.

I watched this video as my inspiration, expect I did not follow it exactly. I did not use the same amount of chains as she did, since my son has a smaller head than an adult. As of right now I am about halfway done and I am hoping to finish it up early this week and get started on my final project, which is a baby blanket! Unless I change my mind!


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  1. So cute! it’s awesome that you’re including your son in on your project. I’m sure he’ll actually wear it (at least once) because he’s seen you work on it for all this time. I think kids want to see their parents succeed. Maybe in your next post you’ll be able to post a photo of your son wearing it!

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