Coding… I am going to admit that without the helping videos I do not think I would have been able to get through this NASA’s Space Jam program. I am really struggling with this blog at this point. I have screen captured off of my laptop and go to upload the photos but it keeps giving me an error that the file is too big. So I crop it where you can barley see anything and it’s still too big. Please if anyone can help me out after I post this so I can go back and upload the photos I would appreciate it!

Anyways, enough with the complaining for now. I have a certificate for completing the NASA’S Space Jam that I can not upload. But throughout this experience I do not see the point of coding. I do not really think that I learned anything besides moving certain actions to get to a certain event or point in the coding system. I got to play around with it for a long time, and I did enjoy making music with the planets and creating stars. Maybe I am just bias because I hate technology and I am not good at it.

Anyways, I can see students having fun with this because they are usually more technologically advanced then some teachers (myself). I also think it would be great for students to use their minds and get creative. It would be a good activity to do individually and as a group to create something special to themselves and represent their group. I think maybe the more I play with coding and different applications, I can learn to enjoy it and find a good use for my classroom!

Sorry about not being able to upload my ccreencaptures. Please Please, let me know any suggestions to help crop the photos or other ways to get around the size!

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