• Jessica Pultz

    Amanda, great overview! Maybe a tad off-topic but you have a very calming voice haha, you could read audio books as a side hustle lol.

    I couldn’t agree with you more when you write “Thank you for a wonderful semester. I was both enlightened and challenged, the perfect mix of what a class should be.”

    Cheers to the rest of your post-grad learning journey! ❤️

  • Catrina Hunter

    I love your punny title!! I agree that so much of what we learned in the class applies not only to our classrooms but our own kids as well. I love that we’ve been able to expand our views and understandings through this course. Such a valuable experience! Thanks for your insightful overview! Well done.

  • Amanda Stecyk

    Hi Catrina, thank you so much. I am definitely a big pun-lover, so I’m happy you appreciated it, too. As a brand new and first-time mom, I am always searching for methods and insight about how to raise Summer the best way possible (as all new moms do!)

  • Ummey+Salma

    Hello, Amanda. I thought the whole summary was pertinent. That is nicely said; I like your ideas, and the understanding is very much in line with current events.

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