Month: January 2024

My first Blog

Well, I would love to share my personal experience with this online learning and blending platform. I used it during my Master’s degree back in India. When COVID-19 started, I took on a part-time job as an English tutor. Initially, classes were conducted online due to the pandemic Situation. It turned out to be a unique experience as it allowed me to provide my students with real-life Experiences by conducting mock interviews, especially when preparing them for UK embassy interviews. The online sessions gave them a genuine feeling, and they learned exceptionally very well. On weekends, I also conducted in-person classes, offering a different direction to my teaching. For me, it served as a significant advantage because it was very convenient for people living far from me. I enrolled several students and earned well. As for the disadvantages, I observed that students with a weak foundation in English, meaning those whose English basics were not clear, faced difficulty accessing the class due to a shortage of time. Additionally, some students encountered network issues due to technical errors, leading to unclear doubts at times. Like a coin with two sides, online learning and blending have both pros and cons. During my first semester online, the main challenge I faced was the lack of an in-person opportunity to do my practicum.
This is all about my experience, and since blogging is new to me, there might be some mistakes in my posts.

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