Interactive H5P for literacy classes

With a lot of perseverance, Jaswinder and I set out on the difficult task of constructing H5P video. We were annoyed at first because we were unable to seem to access H5P functions. We have been wondering for the past week why we find it difficult to share our models, yet our classmates seem to be sharing them actively. We started to realize how important it is for individuals to grasp the concept of technology. We overcame this challenge because we were passionate about incorporating H5P video into our prototype, which helps communities of refugees in areas where language problems are common. We are certain that our students will gain a great deal from using H5P in our teaching strategy. Although developing H5P takes time,  once you have done so, your students can learn a lot from it.
With H5P we recently created an interactive  YouTube video that shows the difficulties experienced by communities of refugees. It is certainly not easy to leave one’s beloved hometown and seek shelter in a foreign land where learning a new language is required. Here is the link please click.

We chose the first level of our course prototype to describe through H5P videos, as our primary motive is to make them speak, so we incorporated basic routine-based topics in this session. However, we will tailor our teaching according to the learning capacity of these learners so that they will build their confidence.

Module 1 How to Greet Someone 


Interactive video 

Worksheet 1

Module 2 Grocery shopping  


I have created this Module 2, in order to build their understanding of English by watching it remembering it solving the questions that are being asked through the interactive videos. In this interactive video, various types of questions are incorporated, including statement choices, True/False questions, and single-choice questions to engage the learners. I covered terminology relating to groceries and payment procedures in Module 2. The first warm-up question in the module asks students to state their basic needs. After that, an exercise in role-playing dialogue is set up. Grocery matching quiz is also included . In the last they will write a paragraph writing.

Interactive video 

Worksheet 2



  1. Lauren Bradshaw

    I already posted some comments on Jasvinder’s blog – but well done! And kudos for showing perseverance with Lumi. I had some technical difficulties as well, but eventually got everything to work and developed some interesting content for my course. Lumi has lots of features that I’d like to explore for future modules as well.

    • Anchal Jaura

      Thank you @Lauren Bradshaw, me too want to use more features of the lumi but I am not used to it so still struggling, but one thing I must say with this online and learning course I have learned a lot , I mean there is lot of things that we learnt by practicality .

  2. Matthew

    I think we all had some degree of difficulty adding H5P elements to our videos via Lumi. For example I was quite confused about how to make my videos accessible (is it better to embed them in a web page or use a link? Are there any advantages to embedding them?). Something else that I struggled with was how many interactions to employ. If I stop the video too much with quizzes will people become annoyed and not want to watch them? That said I think you have picked an excellent topic as your focus. Many of my students are new to Canada and struggle with language acquisition.

    • Anchal Jaura

      Yes …these questiosns are always unanswerable in my mind @Matthew

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