ASL via YouTube

ASL via YouTube

This week I have been focusing on videos on YouTube by the creator “Learn How to Sign.” This creator suggests to turn off your voice when signing in ASL because when we speak at the same time, we tend to use English grammar and ASL is its own language with its own grammar. Another tip they had was never to break eye contact and compare breaking eye contact to trying to talk to someone who is one their phone the entire time – extremely rude!

I tried my darndest to embed this video but I didn’t win the battle…. so, here is a link to a video I made of my progress on greetings so far:

February 6, 2024 (

After I watched a few videos I learned how to yell in sign language. As a mother, this one might come in handy when asking my child to do something for the umpteenth time! Next week I will show a video of my new yelling in ASL techniques.

I haven’t been practicing every day, but after watching this new source, I will try to do so every day and will let you know how that went next week!

See you soon!

3 thoughts on “ASL via YouTube

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Great job on your quest of learning ASL. I had never even thought about yelling when it came to ASL but totally makes sense. It is nice to see your progress on the language.

    I am also learning a new language (Spanish) and came to your site for inspiration on the topic. I might try out Youtube next. From what I have read, this might be a good option.

    In the previous week, I have used Duolingo, Babbel, and FluentU. I’m not sure if they have an ASL option, but worth looking into as they were all fairly good.

    Good luck as the semester goes on!


  2. Hello! wow yelling in ASL? I had never even thought about that, but I am extremely excited to learn more about it when you post what you’ve learnt. I can see how it would be an interesting task to try and learn without breaking eye contact, because even thinking about it all I would want to do it look at my hands! I’m impressed. I look forward to reading/viewing more about what you learn!

  3. Hey Amanda,

    ASL is something that is so interesting! I think this a great learning project to take on. As universal as it is, I think it is amazing that there are more people wanting to learn it.

    From the sounds of it, it seems that you are enjoying your ASL learning. Just curious, with you learning American Sign Language is there other Sign Languages in other languages. If so… what are they?

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