This week I spent time learning a few plucking songs. The songs I have learned are The Guitar Boogie and You Are My Sunshine. Plucking is a type of guitar playing that is done by plucking individual strings instead of strumming all of the strings while playing a chord. It is a great way to learn what string makes each note. To find the music for both songs I used an app called Guitar Tabs. I will share more about this app next week as I explore it more.

To document my learning I played around with IMovie to create a video I uploaded on to YouTube. IMovie is a great tool to make videos. I have used it multiple times to put more than one video together. It is also a great tool because you can add tittle screens and audio to videos. It is a great tool for the classroom too because it is easy to use! It allows you to drag and drop videos right off of your computer! It is a fun and interactive tool to add creativity to lesson plans.

So far for my guitar learning experience I have learned the G, E, A, and D chords, a strumming pattern, how to tune the guitar and two plucking songs. I am currently working on a beginner song to put these chords together. I am also working on the F chord.

I have also learned how to use a few tools through my learning experience. I have used Guitar Tuner (app), Youtube (to learn from and how to upload videos), time laps, IMovie and Guitar Tabs (app).

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