Guitar Time Lapse Learning

This week I have mostly worked on getting my chords to ring out. So far I have learned how to tune the guitar, a basic strumming pattern, chords A, G, and E. Learning how to play the guitar is not easy but it is a fun experience. To learn so far I have used FaceTime with someone that knows how to play the guitar already, a guitar tuning app and YouTube videos. I typically practice for 5-30 minutes a day. Although learning has been a challenge I can already tell I have made progress!

I normally make YouTube videos to show my learning that week but this time I have made a time lapse video. I had never made a time lapse before as I have never had a reason to. It was a fun way to demonstrate my learning and playing one evening. I will post the video to my twitter for you to see! Making a time lapse video was easier than I expected. If you have an iPhone you just go to the camera app and switch it to time lapse. Have the video playing while you are doing your thing and it turns it into a short silent video! I recommend using this tool to demonstrate a process that takes a longer amount of time. This was perfect for showing my learning process on the guitar.

I am hoping to share my learning in different creative ways through this blog. Next week I am hoping to showcase some plucking songs I have started to learn while I am still working on my chords. The songs I have started to learn are You Are My Sunshine and The Guitar Boogie.

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