Apps for ASL

September 23, 2020 2 By Brandon Rumford

This week was not nearly as productive as I would’ve liked. With many complicated assignments that took a ridiculous amount of time in other classes, I did not start to learn ASL as I wanted too. However with a bit of research I have a more fleshed out plan as well as resources to use. I have found an online site called lingvano that does ask for money, but has some free modules to it that I will use to get started and see how far it will get me. As well I found an app called ASL that has many basics to learn like letters and numbers. Then it gets into categories like basic words, body and health, food signs, and a bunch of others. So as of now my plan is to use these two resources and see how much I can learn from them. If for example, lingvano does not offer as much for free as I anticipated, I will explore other options, be it YouTube, another app, or another website. But for now, I’m starting with the basics, and slowly going from there, wish me luck!