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People and The Body

This week I went over lesson 6 on SignLanguage101, “People, The Body & Clothes”. And although learning the signs for clothes can be useful, I found the signs of people to be the most useful part of this lesson. Learning signs like “man”, “woman”, “father”, “mother”, etc. It was good to know these signs, especially…

By Brandon Rumford December 2, 2020 0

ASL Common Phrases

After a well needed break, I’m back on SignLanguage101 and watching Lesson 4 “Antonyms and Common Phrases”. I know I keep repeating myself in these posts but I love that what is taught in these lessons is useful in everyday life. Some common phrases covered were “what happened”, “don’t like”, and simpler ones like “which”…

By Brandon Rumford November 18, 2020 0