Spelling on Fingers

October 7, 2020 2 By Brandon Rumford

This week in my ASL journey I wanted to get into both the “Finger Spelling” and “Basic Words” sections on my ASL American Sign Language app. I also wanted to learn the next set of numbers 10 – 20. I did not end up getting to the “Basic Words” section so that is now my plan for next week. Instead of moving on to that section, I wanted to refine my ASL spelling and learn the next set of numbers.

This next set of numbers is where I started to get more confused as it is no longer just a sign, but both different hand and finger movements. For example, 11 and 12 require flicking 1 and 2 fingers up twice, 1 finger for 11, 2 fingers for 12. Then 13 is the opposite, taking two fingers and curling them in twice, like signaling someone to come here. 14 is the same thing but with 4 fingers instead of 2. And 15 is with 4 fingers again but also your thumb out instead of tucked in. 16, 17, 18, and 19 are the same signs as 6, 7, 8, and 9, but you turn your hand 90 degrees twice. I am not really sure why the other numbers weren’t the same thing, holding up the same number and turning your hand twice. It would have made it much easier but maybe there is a reason for it I am not aware of yet.

Now talking about finger spelling, I was wanting to become quicker at it than I was. Before, I really had to think about each individual letter before I signed it. I am a bit faster now but do need to practice it more for it to really become natural. I am thinking of adding to my plans for the weeks if I am able, to practice just finger spelling as well as learning new signs. This way I do get faster with simpler spelling as the semester goes on.

That’s about it for this week, I really want to try to get through a lot of the basics this next week, but I will not promise lots because I know thanksgiving is coming up. However, even with thanksgiving, my plan for this week is the same. I’d like to learn the next set of numbers, 20 to 30. And I would also like to start learning basic words, seeing how far into the section I can get and memorize. That’s the plan I have and if you’re still reading thanks for sticking with me through this.