Continuing to Progress

November 9, 2020 0 By Brandon Rumford

This weeks post is very late, but sometimes life comes first and that is okay. This past week I continued using SignLanguage101 and watched the next lesson titled “Everyday Signs and Common Objects”. I know I have said this before but I really appreciate that this website teaches words and phrases that are actually used in everyday language. This lesson taught words like me, you, us, etc. As well as everyday signs like hello, good morning, goodnight, and more. One thing I did found interesting is that the signs for good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight, are all similar, with the difference being using your hand and moving it up for good morning, just like the sun rising. Good afternoon is the same but bringing your hand flat out in front of you. And goodnight is the same but bringing your hand down across your arm, like the sun setting.

One thing I never realized until starting to learn ASL is the sort of symbolism behind many signs such as the ones I already mentioned. Good morning and good evening look similar to a sun rising and setting. I like that ASL does this with some signs as it makes it easier to learn and understand. It makes it easier for a beginner like me when the sign looks similar to what the sign means. I’m excited to see what else there is to learn from this website and to see how much I can learn before the semester ends.

I tried to put these before the second paragraph, but it screwed up the rest of the text
These were both screenshots taken from the third lesson on SignLanguage101