ASL Common Phrases

November 18, 2020 0 By Brandon Rumford

After a well needed break, I’m back on SignLanguage101 and watching Lesson 4 “Antonyms and Common Phrases”. I know I keep repeating myself in these posts but I love that what is taught in these lessons is useful in everyday life. Some common phrases covered were “what happened”, “don’t like”, and simpler ones like “which” and “how”. All of these being important phrases to learn and ask simple questions as a beginner in ASL.

After reading some other blog posts about other classmates learning ASL, I do intent to keep learning from this site but might look into other sources as well. I’ve heard about using Tik Tok to learn ASL. So I might try to look into it in the upcoming weeks and see what I can learn.

For now as it stands, my plan is to continue with the lessons on SignLanuage101 and learning that way primarily. And then branch off to some other resources if I find some that I enjoy using. As well I want to try to make some sort of video showing ASL for one of the upcoming posts. I am not sure what exactly I will do just yet, but stay tuned to find out.