Stalking a Classmate Online

November 18, 2020 1 By Brandon Rumford

This week was a weird week as our task for our blog post was to cyber sleuth a fellow classmate and see what we were able to find about them. This task was to show us how much information about you is actually online, because it is more than people realize. My partner for this assignment was Aimee and although I was not surprised by what she found about me, it still makes one nervous to see that someone who really only knows your name can find so much about you. Like where I was born, what sports I played, and who my family members are. It makes you think about what information about you is really online and who has access to all of it? Personally, what Aimee found shows me that my online identity is positive, I won’t be upset of people know what sports I played in high school. So I would say that overall, I am pleased with my online identity. However, some may not be and need to be aware of what is online about them.

Going back to the cyber sleuthing activity, I would say I found a similar amount of information about Aimee, as she found about me. Although it felt wrong, essentially stalking someone from my class, I did manage to find some information, none of it being negative. I found out that she is from Regina and went to school at O’Neill, graduating in 2016. I found out who her family members are, some from Facebook, and some from an obituary.

That was what I was able to find online about Aimee from a short amount of digging online. This was a very surreal experience overall, showing me how easy it is to find information on somebody, especially if you want to find it and take the time. It shows me that I need to be aware of what is online about me and that others should think the same. The internet can be a scary place, and we need to make sure we are smart while being online.