ASL Lesson Five and Counting

November 25, 2020 1 By Brandon Rumford

This week I continued my lessons on SignLanguage101 with Lesson 5, “Around the House & Hobbies”. This lesson taught words that would be used around the house such as “living room” or “kitchen”, as well as typical words one would use talking about hobbies, such as “ball” or “ice skating”. As well it went through the next set of numbers, 40 – 50. One thing I found easy as a beginner to ASL is that the sign for room is making a box with your hands, showing four sides. So when signing “living room” or “dining room”, you have your sign to tell which room it is followed by the “room” sign, making it easy to follow along.

As well the signs for the numbers 40 – 50 were also quite easy, just using the sign for four, followed by the sign for the next number. For example 46, would be the sign for four, followed by the sign for 6. This was much easier to follow and remember compared to the signs from 10 – 20 which have some different signs compared to the other numbers.

Overall I am still liking learning from this site, and although this week wasn’t as much learning as some of the others, I still look forward to continue this learning from these lessons.