Making My Own Game

December 2, 2020 0 By Brandon Rumford

For our coding project this week I decided to do the Hour of Code and make my own little game using the program. The game involved using moving your sprite around the screen, avoiding enemies and collecting items. I got to design the game, including the background and sprite, as well as the enemies and collectables. It taught the code to the game by having blocks of code already made, and allowing me to place them together like a puzzle. This was a great way to get into coding since I have absolutely no experience with writing code. I learned how the code allows the objects in the game like your sprite to interact with other things like enemies or items. I also liked having drop down menus for some parts of the code. For example, how often enemies spawn on the screen.

The background I made for the game

When thinking about what I think about code, I think it is an incredible skill to have but I do not have the patience for it. I personally do not like coding enough to truly learn it. People that do know how to code are super talented but it is just not for me. Even though I am not a fan of coding and do not plan on learning to code, I understand its importance. Everything using technology uses code, and without people to understand and write the code, we can’t use the technology. We need people that write code to advance technology. Whether it be video games, apps, programs, or anything else. Coding is everywhere and vital to everything we do today.

The finished product of my game

My favourite part about this project, is that if you’d like to play this little game for some reason, you can use this link, to play the game I made.