Final Networked Learning

December 9, 2020 0 By Brandon Rumford

Our final post is about how we have contributed to the learning of others in the class this semester. Whether it be on twitter, slack, through blog comments, or some other mean. To start I have commented on blog posts throughout the semester. Some comments include commenting on Jesse’s coding blog post, commenting on Logan’s final learning post, as well as Jesse’s Struggle is Serious post. Just like what was said in our final class, I was one of those people that forgot about this final post and did not keep track of my contributions of learning, so I did not go back to find every comment I have ever made.

Switching gears to Slack, we used Slack periodically throughout the semester, usually when information had to be passed on, or when someone had a question. Unfortunately I do not have anything to contribute from Slack. It does sound bad, I agree, but the reason is I simply could not answer any of the questions that came up. Whether it be a question about screencastify or WordPress, neither of which I am familiar with, I just did not know the answer in order to help. So, again unfortunately, I was unable to help anyone out on Slack.

However, as I am sure Kara will post as well, we had a couple interactions and helped each other out when we had a question. And it was nice because I was actually able to help her out, since she was asking for some app suggestions for ASL.

Kara asked me if I knew of any good apps for learning ASL.
As well as me needing some help sometimes too

As for contributions from Twitter, most of my contributions came from sharing resources found on Feedly or another source. That way people can share it to get it out to more people online. To check out some of my posts on twitter, you can use @brandon_rumford or go to my twitter profile. I would have shared some screenshots of my profile, but adding pictures to these posts has always been very funky (hence why the last two picture are on top of each other and not side by side).

Overall, I know I could have done more to contribute to the learning of others, however, I feel that with the information I had, and the help people needed, I did what I could to still contribute to those that I did. I also feel that people did contribute more to me, than me to them, and sometimes that is alright. It is how we learn and how I am slowly getting to the level that they are on.