Twitter as a Tool

February 9, 2021 0 By Brandon Rumford

After an eventful last week or so to say the least, I am finally getting caught up on my blogs for the class. This blog was to focus on the Saskedchat we participated in, as well as Twitter as whole. The main focus on the chat was about mental health, which was fitting because the mental health of others was what made this last while so eventful. It is always nice to see the topic being talked about more as it is becoming more okay for people to have issues with mental health. I believe as educators we need to be there for students struggling with mental health, even if it is simply providing resources or guidance. As well it is important for us to ensure the subject is taken seriously as it is something important to keep in mind. It was just good to see all of the support that everyone gave throughout the chat.

Looking at Twitter as a whole, especially from the point of an educator, it is great for professional development. Twitter provides a way for us students to connect with teachers from all over, and learn from them and their thoughts and beliefs. Even though I do not usually use social media often, I definitely see the benefits of using Twitter for professional development and expanding ones PLN. Even just participating in a Saskedchat is a fantastic way to connect with other educators. Just from our last chat I started following many more people and got more followers as well, giving me more people to interact with and learn from. There are many other benefits to Twitter chats as well including getting other points of view, hearing from experienced teachers, and being able to connect with teachers in the same subject you plan to teach. I cannot really think of any particular downsides to Twitter chats for educators. It just a great way to expand your PLN and talk with others that share the same passion for education.