Creating a Lesson Plan

March 30, 2021 0 By Brandon Rumford

This project was an interesting one because up until now I had never created a lesson plan. So I was very glad that I had a partner Kara, to work on this new concept with. Kara and I are both secondary Ed. students which made it easy for us to choose a grade for the lesson plan to be targeted at. We chose grade 10 as it was a nice middle ground between grades 9 and 12.

Starting out we were unsure what exactly to do, and after a bit of brainstorming and looking at the curriculum, we decided to base our lesson on fact checking and fake news. Once we had that topic chosen, we just went about making our lesson, bouncing ideas back and forth. It all seemed to come pretty easy once we had an idea to work with. We knew we wanted to discuss the importance of fact checking and get the other students to play a game guessing if what we found online was true or false. Kara found the 5 ways of determining if information is accurate which was a huge part of the lesson, and then we decided we wanted them to show what they learned in a fun way, hence the meme.

Overall, I feel that the lesson went very well. I was nervous of course and we had a script to work off of so we were not completely lost for things to say. But the whole lesson just went quite smoothly. I understand why online teaching can be such a challenge but for this lesson specifically, I feel like the online environment worked in our advantage. Being able to assign breakout rooms and run the menti, as well as making a meme at the end, was all much easier online rather than offline. I just think that for our first lesson plan, it went quite well and I was pleased with both mine and Kara’s work.