Baseline: As of now, my experience with card tricks is almost non-existent. Sure, I’ve been amazed by magicians pulling off incredible feats on TV and live shows, but my hands-on knowledge is at ground zero.


My Plan:

  1. Research & Understand: The first step is to understand the history of card magic and its significance in the realm of illusion.
  2. Basic Techniques: Before diving into the actual tricks, I need to get a hold of card handling techniques. This includes shuffling, cutting, and basic card controls.
  3. Beginner Tricks: Once I’m comfortable with handling the deck, I’ll start with basic tricks to amaze my friends and family.
  4. Documenting Progress: Every trick I learn, every mistake I make, I’ll document it all here for you all to see and learn with me.
  5. Expert Guidance: I plan to enroll in an online course or get a mentor who can guide me in mastering complex tricks.
  6. Final Showdown: At the end of this project, I aim to perform a series of card tricks in front of a live audience (or maybe a virtual one, given the times!).

Join me on this enchanting journey, and let’s believe in magic once again!