Hello fellow learners!

My name is Byron Duran Vinet, a passionate student who comes from Chile. My journey with educational technology has always been one filled with curiosity and an eagerness to explore. From the early days of using just Microsoft Office in school to utilizing cutting-edge platforms like moodle and Khan Academy, technology has always amplified my learning experience.

A Little About Me

I am an exchange student coming from Chile, studying mathematics education.

I am someone who is very passionate about teaching, as I feel that it is a way to transmit the experiences I have had in my life.

Blogging, to me, has been both intimidating and fascinating. The idea of sharing personal experiences and ideas to the vast expanse of the internet has its own set of challenges, but also the allure of connecting with like-minded individuals. Even though I might come across as a reluctant blogger, there’s an underlying excitement to embark on this new adventure. For those looking to explore the intricacies of blogging and its benefits.