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Hi folks! Please take a look at my summary of learning at the link below.

Stop Making Sense 1984, directed by Jonathan Demme | Film review

The concept is deeply indebted to the Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense (as in, it’s a parody of that, lol) They are one of my favourite bands and that’s one of my favourite movies. Seeing as how I’ve already referenced them before in my catalyst video, I thought I’d keep the streak alive. (If you want to preview the specific song I’m referencing, check this out.)

I chose this song as I started this class with a pretty negative view of the digital landscape, as a “killer” of sorts. Ha. I tried to communicate through this video the change in perspective I now feel along with the questions I still wrestle with. No easy answers!

Anyways, here’s the summary of learning: Digital Citizen



7 thoughts on “Summary of Learning – Cole

  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching this first thing in the morning. Brought a laugh and smile to my day. Please tell me students walked in at some point during this epic dance, or that you (at least) showed them your amazing skills. As for your final insights, I agree that Turkle’s message deeply resonated with my own feelings. I hope it identifies a common theme for society moving forward – to use technology to connect rather than disconnect and to savour human interaction above all else. Thanks for the laughs and great insights.

  2. I appreciate you taking a risk with your video, Cole. It was very entertaining. I too found myself actually engaging with AI for the first time in this course. Unlike other classroom technologies (VR comes to mind) that have come up in courses I actually see AI being used by my colleagues and students. It reminds me of the early days of cell phones, one day a few kids had them, and then a year later almost everyone was walking around with them. I think by using these tools we demystify them and begin to understand them better (strengths, limitations, etc.).

  3. COLE!! this was fantastic!!! I love your dance moves! Turkle was definitely something that stood out for me in this class too. AI was something I was afraid of prior to this course and I’m glad I was exposed and encouraged to use it this semester. Thanks for the awesome dance moves! oh! and the great discussions this term.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhh-mazing! I loved this. You have no shortage of creativity, humour, tech skills, or dance moves. I really appreciate your note on how this course moved the needle a bit for you. It is a really honest depiction of how not everyone feels the same about tech/digital literacy and where it is taking the world, and I really appreciate that because we need difference of opinion to understand and grow. Thanks for all your great contributions to class discussions because you shared a lot of great perspectives and insights that took me beyond my own thinking. So….this video will be played at your school’s Christmas assembly talent show, right?! I sure hope so! Take care and best of luck with the rest of your program! 🙂 -Jacquie

  5. Great work Cole! Definitely a fun way to start my week although I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to hear the original now without singing your version! Looks like maybe you should be teaching some Arts Ed classes too! Really enjoyed hearing your insights this semester.

  6. This was awesome!! I love your creativity and courage. I can’t tell you how much I was hoping you were about to sing this song after your opening line. You did not disappoint. Fantastic!!

  7. Well Cole,
    That by far, was the best thing about my day yesterday. I mean it was truly fantastic. Thank you for sharing and contributing to the class and my learning. I hope to work with you again someday, either as colleagues or fellow students.

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