Major Project – Update 5

Hi all,

Consider this the penultimate update to my major project! I am about halfway done production of my video on AI. Thinking through the process, I realize that I haven’t done much updating through these blog posts, but I believe that the “journey” is shown more accurately through the actual final product itself. Specifically, the concept of the video is how I am slowly learning to love AI, and the ups and downs of the roller coaster that is created by that. Therefore I hope that watching the video enables you to follow along with that journey along with me while enjoying the final product. I have seriously had a great deal of growth from the beginning to the end of this class when it comes to my learning (especially around AI). I wanted to include in this update that as I edit my video and pull everything together, I am realizing that this is far from the ending of my journey with artificial intelligence. In fact, it is just the beginning. I tried to leave the ending of my video purposely ambiguous to that effect.


Anyways, I hope to have that final product posted by this weekend!

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