Major Project – Complete!

Hi all!

My major project is now complete. You can watch it at the youtube link at the end of this post.

For my project, I chose to combine a look at the ethical implications of AI with an experiential journey through using AI technology in my classroom. I summarized everything in a video that describes my process of “learning to love AI”. I learned so much about this new and important technology through this project and for that I am very grateful! The process of creating the video in itself was a journey and hopefully shows that as you watch!

Some of the sources I used in the project are listed in the description of the youtube video.

Thanks everyone for the fantastic semester!

Watch here!

4 thoughts on “Major Project – Complete!

  1. Wow, to watch the entire evolution of a relationship! I was hoping for a possible proposal at the end, but. of course, your fiance might not have appreciated that. Loved it – a lot of pros and cons that you thoroughly unpacked. I appreciate your use of AI for EAL learners and to differentiate instruction. But, as you point out, I think the environmental impact is something we don’t consider enough. The more we know about AI, the better we are situated to use it ethically and have “healthy relationships” with it. Thank you for sharing your humour and insights! Best wishes!

  2. Hilarious! Once again, you’ve knocked it out of the ballpark. I love the storytelling as you worked through your relationship with AI. These changes are definitely happening quickly…more quickly than we can even process it all. You raised excellent points about the pros and the potential pitfalls. Thanks for your thoughtful and super creative video. Love it!

  3. Cole! I loved how your relationship with AI evolved! Agree with you that we need to leave to use AI appropriately and ethically and in order for our students to learn how to do that we must learn to do it as well. I feel my relationship with AI is still evolving… were not quite at the honeymoon stage. I feel were still getting to know each other but were exclusive 🙂 haha

    Thanks again for the wonderful video Cole!


  4. Great job, Cole! You always have such creative ideas! I like the personification of your relationship with AI. I also like that your journey is one that we’ve been able to follow throughout the course in class discussions, your weekly reflections, and now in your final project.

    Like you, I find that AI is the most useful in the classroom for me in terms of creating extra examples. It really is tedious to create examples on my own, so I appreciate this time saver. I do try to personalize the examples though and sometimes the AI examples don’t necessarily work for the context I am teaching a particular skill, but that is to be expected. You highlight great points of consideration as this technology hits the education scene, and your research looked really interesting! Thanks for sharing – your contributions to my learning are always appreciated!

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