To Fabric or Not to Fabric, That is the Question

Who knew landscaping fabric could be so controversial?

Garden field covered with black color textile weed control mulch, blueberry bushes growing in spring. Prevents weeds from growing.

The internet seems to have two very extreme sides: those who swear by laying landscaping fabric to help with weed control and those who do not. The ones who disagree with landscaping fabric are very vocal! I have read a few posts about landscaping fabric’s pros and cons. I also discovered many options for landscaping fabric, such as newspaper, black plastic, wood chips, straw, pine needles and grass clippings.

Since my dirt came from the ranch and there was a guarantee that weed seeds were in it, I decided to lay cloth landscaping fabric.  The benefits of landscaping fabric, as outlined on LawnStarter‘s website, are:

  •   keep mulch from sinking in the soil
  • prevent weed seeds covered by fabric from sprouting
  • reduce the need for herbicides
  • works well to help with erosion on slopes
  • helps soil retain moisture
  • warms the soil in winter

Next up was to learn how to lay the landscaping fabric.  Where else do you go but TikTok?


How to Install Landscaping Fabric! Very Simple! #flowerbed #lawntok #landscape #fabric

♬ Bank Account – Instrumental – B Lou

This approach seemed pretty easy, so Al and I followed along and laid our fabric.

We didn’t have any pins to hold down the fabric like @cc_lawn_landscaping suggested.  I didn’t think it would be much of a problem since it was a nice day out and we would soon be planting and laying the mulch.  I was WRONG!!

After we had placed the fabric down, Mittens decided he wanted to help too.

My recommendation get the pins.  We ended up using rocks, chunks of cement and our pots of flowers.

Below is an update of where the plants will go in my flowerbed.


Next up cutting or burning the holes in the fabric for each plant, planting and mulch.


  1. Hailey Harris

    Hi Dayna!
    It looks like you have had a lot of success with your landscaping project so far! I can understand the arguments about using and not using landscaping fabric, as my parents have used it for their garden boxes, yet weeds and raspberry bushes push through. I hope it works well for you!
    Also, the plants you have gotten so far look beautiful! I am excited to see how the rest of your project goes!

  2. Nikol Ostrovski

    Hello Dayna!

    Your blog post on the landscaping fabric debate is both entertaining and informative. It’s fascinating to see the strong opinions on both sides regarding its use. Your decision to use cloth landscaping fabric due to the weed seeds in your soil is practical and well-explained. The benefits you listed from LawStarter are quite compelling. I appreciate the honest recounting of your experience, especially the unexpected challenge with Mittens and the lack of pins. Your recommendation to use pins is valuable advice for others. Overall, your detailed account and personal touch make this a great read. Looking forward to seeing how your flowerbed progresses!

  3. Kyla White

    Well Dayna, I hope you are enjoying outside drinks and BBQ’s this season… if only the wind would GO AWAY it may be a bit more enjoyable. I love the progress you have made + your posting. I can really see what you have focused on and the work you have put into making your learning project your own.
    Also, isnt it so funny what the internet chooses to focus on and why? this is like the pineapple on pizza debates, those that don’t like it MAKE IT KNOWN lol.
    Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  4. Brayden Lovas

    Your experience with Mittens and the importance of using pins highlights the importance of being prepared and adaptable when working on gardening projects. It’s a helpful reminder for in the future for me to anticipate and plan for potential obstacles.

  5. Olawanle Agbebi

    Hi Dayna,
    Thanks for sharing the TikTok video on how to install landscape fabric. Also seeing what you have done encourages me I can do it as well instead of paying someone to do it.

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