Fake and real news. A choice between true and false.

Fake News and misrepresentation of information are growing trends in online sources. So, we must educate students on how to spot fake news. Students must be equipped to read a news article or website laterally rather than vertically. This means that students look further than the webpage. What are the sources? Who is funding the webpage?  By having everyone(not just students) dig deeper into a post/webpage, we should be able to determine whether the information is accurate.

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I enjoyed the websites Spot the Troll and Break the Fake. These websites were able to trip up university students during class, which shows how convincing some fakeHands holding smart phone with clickbait concept on screen. All screen content is designed by me profiles and websites can be. When teaching middle school and high school students, these websites would be a great resource. They show different ways trolls try to infiltrate your algorithm to show/spread fake news.

Understanding the implications of personal search history is crucial. Websites like Media Bias Chart can reveal the political leanings of a website.  This tool can show students the persuasive direction of a website or post. It’s also important to consider the role of algorithms, as each person’s Google searches, Facebook feeds, or TikTok reels are unique. Your past search results will influence the information that is showcased to you, making it essential to be aware and cautious.

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  1. Brayden Lovas

    Love the way you setup this blog post Dayna! Very appealing to me with the images. Websites like Spot the Troll and Break the Fake are excellent educational tools. They simulate real world scenarios and challenge students to discern between genuine and deceptive content. Integrating these resources into middle and high school curricula can enhance media literacy and awareness. I mentioned something along these lines in my post about this!

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