You’ve Defeated the Kakamora!!

I decided I wanted to defeat the Kakamora in Disney’s Moana Hour of Code. All the options that Hour of Code had for people to pick were terrific. I searched the website until I found one I was interested in.  Coding seemed way more fun when I was interested in the game that it programmed.

It was neat when the actress who played Moana in the movie (Auli ‘ i Carvalho) appeared to help explain how the coding game would work. Disney has created a way to keep children entertained while learning a great tool for life.


Coding intimidated me previously. I had no idea how it worked or how to use it. Having the Hour of Code game walk me through easy-to-manage steps took a lot of pressure off of me. I was mind-blown to think how easy the first steps were compared to the 18th.

The pictures are from level two of the Moana Learn to Code. They show the initial fundamental steps for moving the boat to the circle.

The video linked shows that I needed help placing the moves correctly in Level 10. If you’re like me and need help figuring out the correct code, the program will help you succeed. That greatly benefited me, so I didn’t get frustrated and quit. I was struggling with my left and right moves since I was sending Maui and Moana to my direction of the computer instead of theirs on the screen.


At the end of the Hour of Code I created a dance for the Kakamora.  This was a nice, cheerful ending that students would love.  Take everything you learned in the last hour and create a fun dance.

After completing my Hour of Code I received my certificate!!

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  1. Nikol Ostrovski

    Hello Dayna!

    I loved reading about your experience with Disney’s Moana Hour of Code! It’s great how the familiar characters and engaging storyline made coding more fun. Having Auli’i Cravalho guide you through the steps is such a cool touch. I can relate to feeling intimidated by coding, but it’s wonderful how the step-by-step approach helped ease that pressure. Your perseverance, especially with the left and right moves, is inspiring. Creating a dance for the Kakamora at the end sounds like a fun way to wrap up the activity.

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