My name is Melinda Demeter. I am an English as an Additional Language teacher working with students from over 20 countries. Coming from a small town in Transylvania, I had the opportunity to face the difficulties of learning different languages and dealing with culture shock. I am fortunate to be able to help my newcomer students adapt to their new home environment and help them on their journey towards a successful life.

I am thankful to my students for sharing their personal stories, cultures, traditions, and beauties of their previous home. I am grateful to God for helping me live for my passion and learn more about the world through travelling, and seeing life from different perspectives. And the two most important people in my life who give me hope, joy and strength to live my life to the fullest, are my amazing children, Mariska and Daniel.

Being a teacher and a mom of two young children, I feel that becoming more familiar with technology is crucial. It not only opens up the world, but it also helps to connect with my students in an unconventional way. I think sharing my experiences through a blog would help my students get to know me on a different level. It also gives them an opportunity to share their ideas and build trusting relationships. Beside learning how to create and maintain a blog, my goal is to learn ways to incorporate technology into my teaching. At this point, the world of technology is quite new to me and I am thankful to my professor Dr. Alec Couros and my fellow colleagues for helping me on my journey towards learning an “additional language” with its unique vocabulary.

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