Summary of course prototype

The course prototype I created with a small grade four English as an Additional Language (EAL) group in my mind, is focusing on adjectives. In order to have easier access, I organized and posted all the elements in Scholantis¬†, under “Assignments”. This will give the students an opportunity to become familiar with using the LMS Regina Catholic Schools utilize. Creating the Ten-module course prototype was a wonderful learning experience, giving me a chance to become familiar with a variety of online learning tools, such as Sway, Mentimeter, Edpuzzle, Kahoot, Youtube, Flipgrid, and Screencastify. I am looking forward to further develop the other eight modules of my blended course and implement them. I think that these flipped lessons will be beneficial for a number of reasons, such as: encouraging students to learn more about technology, giving them a chance to learn at their own pace and providing more time for student-student and student-teacher interaction, as well as helping students learn while away in their countries of origin.

Course walk through¬†¬†provides a short overview of my Scholantis site including all the elements. After having to redo the recording several times and dealing with a huge range of emotions …

… I can definitely see the benefits of students’ recording themselves, especially if they are not native speakers.

Thank you for all your ideas and positive feedback and a special thank you to my reviewers for the amazing ideas! I couldn’t have done it without you!

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