my summary of learning

Hello everyone!

Here is my summary of learning presentation. I created it using Canva, and though it was not a flawless process, it was a very good learning experience. I got to experience recording using a special microphone so that my voice could be heard over the music I chose (thanks to my wonderful Husband for the help!).

Just a side update on my learning project: I have made many more cowls for Christmas gifts and a few baby blankets for some expecting friends (lesson learned: you always need more yarn than you expect!). I am loving crochet and will continue with it after this course is over (although I will be taking a break as my hands have been very full!).

Thank you everyone for your kind words about the birth of my daughter, Zoe. We are so thrilled she is here and we are both healthy and happy.

Thanks to everyone for a great semester! I really enjoyed it!

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  1. Congrats again momma! Now you will be making blankets and gifts for everyone. Isn’t that always the case? We think we need a little or a lot of something and we end up needing the exact opposite of what we got. Your video looks great! I knew right off the hop that you used Canva! I love Canva. I know some people have had a tricky time figuring it out, but I think it’s pretty slick. I mean, I am not a video editor, but I figured out the basics (yes, pretty much just the basics). Good job finishing up your course and having a babe early! You are a rockstar!

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