EC&I 832,  Major Project

Major Project Final Updates

This major project aims to address the challenges faced by newcomer youth regarding social media and online safety. I develop a comprehensive ready-to-use curriculum on digital citizenship and media literacy. The learning ojectives cover key aspects of digital citizenship and media literacy, and focus on online risks, privacy, and critical analysis of media messages. The curriculum is structured into two lessons and grouded in Ribble’s 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship. Content development involves engaging materials like videos, handouts, and interactive activities, while language and cultural sensitvity considerations make the course accessible. Real-life examples and interactive activities will enhance the learning experience. Additional resources and practical tips are incorporated to provide a comprehensive and effective curriculum for empowering newcomer youth with essential digital skills.

Welcome to review my major project about digital citizenship and meida litearcy!


  • Kimberly Kipp

    Wow, Echo! What an amazing resource for Gr. 10 – 12 teachers. It is incredibly well-researched, laid out, and visually appealing. With your permission, there are slides I would love to use with my middle years students as well. Fantastic job, Echo! Congrats!

  • Jennifer Owens

    Echo, this is such a fantastic resource. It’s packed full of great lessons and resources. I like the way you used Google Slides to create this document. It makes it very easy to use and follow along. Great project!!! I’m sure there are tons of teachers who would love to use this with their students.

  • Shella Gonzales

    Hi Echo! This is such a great resource! I love how it is Language Friendly for our newcomers in our schools and you touch on many of the topics we covered in class. Great job Echo!

    With your permission, I would also like share this with our EAL teacher in our school to help with those upper year students.

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