Final Reflections

Throughout this semester, I have often found myself thinking back to growing up in the 90s and of watching old science-fiction type shows (like StarTrek) on the TV with my dad. As a kid, I often would wonder whether we would become so advanced as to have some of the technologies shown on these shows. Alas, we have AI technologies are widely available and advancing at light-speed, we have hand-held computers that are far more powerful than the computers of the 60s when the original StarTrek was airing, and the list could go on. We are living in a time and space where the boundaries between digital and non-digital spaces and identities are almost non-existent: Science-fiction has become reality.

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3 thoughts on “Final Reflections

  1. Hi Kelsey,
    I think we flex between Terminator and Star Trek with our thinking about Digital Media. I know there are days where I feel, I should cut down on my screen time. This is often when I find myself an hour into scrolling through TikTok. But then I show up for this class and we get to see something cool like Genially that our classmates are using. Then, I am working with ChatGPT to help me develop simulations and games to play with my students.
    However, I then come to a similar conclusion as you, technology isn’t going away and we better learn how to use it in a good way so we can get the most out of it and help our students get the most out of it. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi,
      This class has definitely inspired me to continue to explore the ways that I can make technology work within my classroom and to fit my pedagogical stances. The notion of how we (users of digital media) access and curate identities and worlds within the digital landscape is another idea that has taken root– and how I might use this to develop new and different creative and immersive learning opportunities with my students.

      Thanks for the response!

  2. Hi Kelsey, first off, I love the incorporation of the old TV and Star Trek! Growing up in the 90’s I truly believed that by the time I got my licence in ’99, we would have flying cars. But my dreams aside… you have aptly summarized the importance of teaching our students to be literate in our non-digital and digital worlds (as the two continue to become indistinguishable).

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