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I’m freakin’ done you guys! This class has been a heck of a journey, and I’m so glad I decided to join.

I have finally completed my Personal Journey into Media. When I first chose to embark on this route, I was nervous as to what lay ahead. I dabbled in social media, both personally and professionally, but not much more.

I put off leaving for my journey as I eased my way into the two media I chose to explore, TikTok and Flipgrid. The more I learned of Ribble’s 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship, the more I realized how important this trip of mine would be.

My knowledge continued to grow as I made my way through the different side streets, back alleys, and dead ends of the chosen media platforms, eventually finding some wide open spaces where I could really put the pedal to the metal.

I finally dove in and created my first TikTok video which somehow became quite successful hitting almost 1000 views. The way the algorithms work fascinate me.

I was thrilled to see the TikTok brains of my students live in action at our school Talent Show.

Finally, I used an entire weekend researching and getting to know the ins and outs of Flipgrip.

I have compiled my learnings into a Microsoft Sway presentation for your viewing/reading pleasure. I have very much enjoyed my journey through these two media and look forward to the next ones I can dive into.

My Personal Journey Into Media
I am not a TikToker, nor do I think I ever will be. I am, however, raising and teaching TikTokers, Snapchatters, Tweeters, Youtubers, Instagrammers … you get the idea. As a teacher, I hav…
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2 thoughts on “That’s All Folks

  1. Congratulations, Leah! I really like how you put everything together into a Sway. I have seen that in the Office 365 suite of features, but have never used/seen one before, so that was a new learning for me!

  2. I am also not a TikToker, I dabbled in playing with its features but I don’t think I will be anything more than just playing with it. You bring up the best point and I connected with it right away, I am raising and teaching people who are using these platforms and it is so important that we learn to use and understand them. Create job on completing your final project!

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