Field Experience


ECS 101

For my first-ever field placement, I had the privilege of attending W.S. Hawrylak Elementary School!

Over four days, I had the opportunity to observe various age groups and classrooms (1/2, 5/6, 7/8). Being with a new teacher each afternoon allowed me to witness different perspectives and teaching styles. Though nervous at first, I quickly found myself becoming comfortable in the classroom environment. The first word of advice I noted was how “students will not always remember what you taught them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”. This insight is something I relate to both as a student and within my daily life. As educators, it is crucial to build up the confidence of young learners and to make them feel safe. Similar to the teachers I observed, I aspire to create an open, welcoming environment for all. Something interesting was the fact that I had a wonderful time in both early elementary and middle-year classrooms. Entering the field placement, I thought I would prefer one over the other; however, both were equally interesting and impactful to me. Though the days went fast, the learning and advice I have been gifted with will stay with me as I continue along my education journey. I am beyond thankful to have been welcomed into such a kind, inclusive school community.

My first student gift 🙂 !