Who Am I?


Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Emma Metz, and I am a second-year education student at the University of Regina. Currently, I am in the early elementary program with the goal of teaching grades 1 through 3. I cannot wait to share my journey with you.

My home is Saskatchewan. I love the prairies and I cannot wait to continue building my future here. I was born in Prince Albert; however, PA is not where I was raised. When I was 13 months old my parents, along with my two brothers and wiener dog, moved to Regina – where we have stayed ever since.  

Though I am just beginning my educational journey, I know for certain that I am in the right place. From the age of 3 until 18, one thing has stayed constant: my love for learning. Finding new hobbies or things to learn deeply motivates me. From mechanics, to reading poetry, I have got it locked down. When time came to choose a career path, it was not a simple process. I had to really sit down and think of what I wanted for my life. I had no interest in money or passing time. What I was looking for was a career in which I would feel fulfilled. The occupation I see myself being happy long term in is teaching. Never-ending learning, each day bringing a new adventure, inspiring young minds… it is perfect. Since then, I have never looked back. I cannot wait to fuel the passion of learning in my students, and to learn more myself every single day. 

An initial decision I struggled with was picking a grade in which I would like to teach. I had three options: elementary, middle-years, or high school. Each of these areas sounded equally appealing to me, all having their difference in benefits and challenges. After some deep thinking, I used my past experiences as a student to guide my decisions. My most vivid and fond education memories come from my early elementary years – specifically grade 2. The relationship and trust I had built with my early elementary teachers allowed me to flourish both as a person and in my studies. One aspiration I have as a teacher is to make a positive, long-lasting impact on my students. Reflecting on this knowledge, as well as my own personal strengths, I believe I can best achieve this outcome in an early-years classroom. Though it was a big decision to make, I know that wherever I end up is right where I need to be.  

Ultimately, I cannot wait to begin my journey as an educator. Every single day I am thankful for this opportunity and the decisions that have led me here today. Regardless of the hurdles I may face, I know that I have the passion and persistence to overcome anything.  


Fun Fact about me, I love: 

Being around people

Reading books and poetry 

Playing board games and cards (especially cribbage) 

Spending time in nature (gardening, camping, exploring, etc.) 

Learning new things 

Working at the farm 

Swimming in the lake 


Going to the Wolseley Twilite Drive-In 

Listening to music (concerts, records, etc.) 





* All of these photos are my own*


Thank you for checking out my ePortfolio!